Proposed changes to the league rules:

3 changes the committee wish to make to the Rules/Constitution for the Tuesday Pool League.

We need 1 vote from each team, agree or disagree by the 15th December. Failure to vote by this deadline will mean you vote agree.

1. Cancellation of games.
Due to the amount of games cancelled over the season especially when there is a possibility of getting 5 players to play, there should be a limit set. We propose 1 game in each half of the season. Understandable there may be circumstances where a 2nd game in a half needs to be cancelled due to a good reason however this must be brought to the committee to accept.

2. Failing to fulfill fixtures.
All frames MUST be played. Under no circumstances should a team be given the doubles. Also a no show will be awarded 4-3 and the no show team will be deducted 2pts.

3. Eligibility for singles and doubles knockouts.
We propose to make criteria for the entry 3 games in each half of the season, thus eliminating players who play the first few games to qualify.
Captains need to send their votes to me by 15th December 2015

Ian Lewis